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(Late) Haji Nisar Ahmed,Founder (Nisar Group) (Mezan Group)

Haji Nisar Ahmed sb

Haji Nisar Ahmed, the revered Founder of the Nisar Group of Industries, was a titan in the business world. His entrepreneurial journey wasn't merely about building empires; it was a relentless pursuit of excellence, a journey that set new standards and created benchmarks for generations to come.

As CEO and Chairman of Paracha Textiles, he played a pivotal role in the textile industry. After the closure of Paracha Textiles, he transformed the same textile facility into Mezan Oil and Ghee, which is known today as the Mezan Group. Remarkably, he chose to retain the factory's original name, and even today, Mezan is known as Paracha Textiles.

His leadership in the oil and ghee industry, as a vital subsidiary of the esteemed Mezan Group, was marked by unmatched acumen and determination. His dedication to innovation and quality forged a legacy of textiles that became synonymous with excellence.

But Haji Nisar Ahmed's legacy extended far beyond boardrooms and factories. He was also the driving force behind Hamza Sugar Mills, Pakistan's largest and one of Asia's five largest sugar mills. His leadership in the sugar industry was not just about growth; it was about nurturing an industry that sustained livelihoods and powered a nation.

Yet, it was not just his professional achievements that defined this remarkable man. Haji Nisar Ahmed was a beacon of hope and a pillar of support for those in need. His benevolence knew no bounds, and he embodied the spirit of humanity through the Nisar Foundation. With unwavering commitment, he extended a helping hand to those facing adversity, making a profound difference in countless lives.

Mian Muhammad Ahmed, Manager AFlex Enterprises

Mian Muhammad Ahmed sb

Mian Muhammad Ahmed, the current CEO of Nisar Group of Industries, is a stalwart leader with a profound impact on business and industry. He's the Founder President and Patron in Chief of the Bin Qasim Association of Trade and Industry (BQATI) and Chairman of the All Pakistan Solvent Extraction Association. His contributions also extend to the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), where he serves on the Managing Committee. Additionally, Mian Muhammad Ahmed is the Founder Director of the Pakistan-Saudi Arabia Joint Chambers of Commerce (PSJCCI) and a prominent member of the Managing Committee in the German Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI).

Mian Ahmed's career began with Kisan Oil Mills, where he gained valuable experience. He later led Mezan Oil and Ghee Group for over a decade, achieving remarkable success in the edible oils industry.

In 2004, he founded Ali Daniyal Industries, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. He also established BQATI, fostering economic growth and collaboration among industrial stakeholders.

As a Director of Hamza Sugar Mills, one of Pakistan's largest sugar mills, Mian Muhammad Ahmed plays a crucial role in the agro-industrial sector. In 2016, he ventured into packaging with Al-Momin, building on his father's legacy, Haji Nisar Ahmed. Additionally, Mian Ahmed expanded his reach by establishing AFlex Enterprises INC in Canada, reflecting his global vision and commitment to entrepreneurship. Mian Muhammad Ahmed's journey is a testament to his dedication to excellence, leadership, and innovation, leaving an enduring impact on various sectors of industry and commerce.

Ali Ahmed, Director AFlex Enterprises

Aasia Ahmed, Director AFlex Enterprises

Aasia Ahmed picture

Aasia Ahmed, the visionary Director of AFlex Enterprises, whose remarkable journey has been marked by the successful stewardship of renowned clothing brands. Armed with a Masters in Arts and Interior Designing, Aasia seamlessly blends creativity with business acumen. Her impressive achievements stand as a testament to her unwavering commitment and innovative approach in the dynamic world of fashion and design.

Ali Ahmed

Ali Ahmed, a luminary in the business realm, currently holds the esteemed position of Director at Nisar Group of Companies. With a robust academic foundation, he earned his BBA and MBA degrees from Schulich, Canada's premier business institution. Ali stands as a testament to the adage that education breeds excellence.

An individual of unwavering vision, Ali Ahmed is not just a professional; he is the embodiment of the future. His academic prowess, coupled with practical experience, positions him as a dynamic force in the business landscape. As a director, he brings a fresh perspective, navigating the company towards innovative horizons.

In essence, Ali Ahmed is the new visionary, steering Nisar Group towards unprecedented success. His journey reflects not only academic achievement but also a commitment to shaping the future of business with insight and foresight.

Daniyal Ahmed, Director AFlex Enterprises

Mian Daniyal Ahmed

Meet Daniyal Ahmed, a dynamic force in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Armed with an international education from Canada, Daniyal has brought a fresh perspective and innovative spirit to the family of companies under his purview.As the Director of Ali Daniyal Industries PVT LTD and Al-Momin Packaging Industries PVT LTD, Daniyal Ahmed stepped into the realm of business in 2016. His arrival marked a new era of leadership and forward-thinking strategies within these organizations. In 2017, when AFlex Enterprises INC was established in Canada, Daniyal Ahmed assumed a pivotal role as Director and Chairperson. His leadership has been instrumental in shaping the company's direction and vision. Daniyal is also dedicated to continuing his family's legacy of philanthropy and community support. He currently manages the Nisar Foundation as the CEO, following in his grandfather Haji Nisar Ahmed's footsteps of helping people.Daniyal's journey is a testament to his commitment to driving growth and innovation within these enterprises. With a global perspective and a dedication to excellence, he continues to play a crucial role in the success and expansion of these companies.

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